About Pulse Point - First Aid training courses in Johannesburg

About Pulse Point

Pulse point is passionate about teaching people how to minimise injury and save lives - by teaching people how to care for themselves, their families and their community.

Teaching Style

Pulse point uses a combination of videos, practical sessions and scenarios, theory sessions, discussions as well as presentations, to ensure that all learning styles are accommodated, and that everyone has lots of fun!


Our instructors are all skilled trainers who enjoy teaching first aid. They also all have several years of medical experience, which they are excited to share with their students.


Department of Labour (CI551), Health Professions Council of South Africa, American Heart Association, Resuscitation Council of South Africa, HWSETA (pending)
About our courses: Our courses are more advanced than the minimum requirements so that you get better value for your money. The courses are also very fun, interactive and designed using instructional design methodology to ensure you enjoy, learn and retain much more than you would on an average course. We endeavor to ensure you are well prepared to be able to help in an emergency.

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