Endorsements of Pulse Point - First Aid training courses in Southern Africa

What our clients have said about our courses over the years

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'I acquired my Level 2 and 3 First Aid qualifications through Pulse Point Point and found them to be highly professional in the training they are providing. I will definitely be renewing my qualification with them when the regulatory expiry period has elapsed.' - Rhodes (2012)

'Pulse Point is a second to none training outfit in the Healthcare Training Industry. The training provided exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them as a training provider.' - Raymond (2011)
'I have done several first aid and CPR course through Pulse Point and I must say what is immediately obvious is their enthusiam and passion for saving lives as well as educating individuals in first aid! The professionalism and level of expertise of the facilitators makes for fun, interesting and well presented course material. The creativity in using several channels of learning, mixing up practicals with videos and theory learning always one not only to apply their knowledge but to have fun with it at the same time! I highly recommend Pulse Point, the highly knowledgable instructors will help you to feel confident to leave at the end of the course ready and prepared for any situation!' - Richard (2007 & 2011)
'I recently attended one of the Basic Life Support courses for Health Care providers that the facilitator facilitates and was impressed by the quality of his course, the pleasant manner in which he engages with participants and wish to recommend his work at Pulse Point' - Carita (2011)

'Our instructor conducted a 3 day, level 1 and 2 first aid training course for some of our employees. He was very knowledgeable and made the course interesting and easy to understand for those with no first aid experience. A first aid course like his is a must for everybody.' - Mark (2011)

'I have to say that I attended a first air training course with Pulse Point, and I have to say it was a professional and enjoyable course. I recomment Pulse Point over any other company to who ever needs to be trained. Well done to you and your Team' - Shane (2011)

'the team at Pulse Point provide exceptional first aid training for company Health & Safety representatives. The training was interesting and informative as well as accredited. The team and I enjoyed every minute and we will be using pulse point in the future.' - Jerusha (2011)
'Charmaine and I are Emergency Services Chaplains and are therefore often at accident scenes where a sound working knowledge of First Aid is necessary. We were privileged to take First Aid Classes level 1, 2 & 3 at Pulse Point. I was very impressed with the professionalism thorough understanding of the subject and great depth of practical experience which was evident through the tips and practical guidance that we received. The quality of the teaching was exceptional. A serious but fun approach ensured that while we were learning we enjoyed each minute of the lessons. Their ability to keep the class going and yet take time to ensure that everyone understood the material was impressive. Their prices were great value for money and I definitely recommend their services to anyone who wants to learn First Aid at any level. Be this for business, medical, school or home use.' - Charles (2010)

'Pulse point offered an affordable yet Extremely professional and well detailed course in First aid, that I attended about 2 months ago! all employees at Pulse point are committed and very knowledgeable on various subjects of emergency management and health and disease. It was a great experience and highly recommended!' - Joy (2010)

'Our company, Feedem Pitseng (Pty) Ltd, recently contracted Pulse Point to train 40 of our employees on a First Aid level 1 course. The course was professionally presented and well-received by the trainees. The course is value for money and offers more than the minimum requirements stipulated by the Department of Labour.' - Johan (2010)
Excellent', 'Enjoyed the course allot' - Swaziland ministry of Health. (2010)

'Your staff are fantastic' - Match event services (pty). (2010)

'Excellent' - Brescia House School. (2010)

'Enjoyable course' - B & W Instrumentation and Electrical Ltd. (2010)
'The Service Delivery shown by your company is exceptional and an inspiration to others', 'I would like to recommend this team as educators and presenters of an excellent medical course. Another team would have to be superhuman to improve on the course that was presented. This sentiment is shared by all that attended the course from this office.' - National Prosecuting Authority (2010)

'Thank you for excellent training received.' - Banani Construction (2009)

'Pulse Point provided excellent service throughout the process of making a booking and confirming the date and venue. The learners who were of different ages and educational backgrounds all reported very positively on their experience, and felt that they had learnt much; while the course was an enjoyable experience.' - Cultural Encounters (2008)