Basic First Aid training course

Basic First Aid course

3 hours

Learn how to help an injured person (adult, child and infant). Ever wondered how to treat your child's bloody nose, how to treat a sore arm, or what to look for if your child falls out the tree? This course covers all the day to day injuries that you will probably need to deal with.
This course covers - Fractures, Burns, Bleeding, Seizures, Shock, Head and Spinal Injuries, Sprains, Eye injuries, Bites & Stings, The Emergency Call, Safety, The Recovery position, Choking, Asthma, Poisonings.
What you receive - A Basic First Aid certificate valid for 2 years, a 44page full colour
Basic First Aid booklet, HPCSA CPD certificate: 3 CEUs

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Group Size: No minimum or maximum group size. Price based on number of students. Extra instructor/s sent for large groups. Currently not available for this course.
Location: We can run the courses wherever you are.
Dates: These courses can be run Monday to Saturday.
Times: Day courses: 9am-12pm, 1:30pm - 4:30pm. Start & end times can be adjusted to suit your needs
Booking process:Contact us > Get a Quote & Sign it > Get an Invoice & Pay the deposit > We then run the course/s
Price: The more people on the course the cheaper it is per person. All prices Include VAT. Extra R3.00/km for training that is more than 20km away from Delarey, JHB
1 person: R1320 (2 hours)
2 people: R710 per person (2,5 hours)
3 people: R490 per person (3 hours)
4 people: R390 per person (3 hours)
5 people: R330 per person (3 hours)
6 or more: R290 per person (3 hours)
15 or more: R260 per person (3 hours) (1 or 2 groups)
45 or more: On request (3 hours) (1, 2 or 3 groups)
About our courses: Our basic first aid course was specifically designed to teach you the most important first aid aspects in only 3 hours, whilst it is not a substitute for the longer courses, it will equip you with the basic skills needed to deal with all common first aid situations. The course is also very fun, interactive and designed using instructional design methodology to ensure you enjoy, learn and retain much more than you would on an average course. We endeavor to ensure you are well prepared to be able to help in an emergency.